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If we talk about the old days, architects and engineers draw their ideas on paper by hand. This process is very time-consuming and takes too much effort. But now the software like AutoCAD makes the work of the engineers and architects very simple. They can represent their idea just by using the computer and it brought life to the idea much faster and efficiently. 

What is AutoCAD

It is a computer-aided software and developed by the company named Autodesk. It makes your drawing work super easy, you can make 2D and 3D designs very quickly. The process of saving files is very simple and you can do it in the cloud so that you can access them anytime and from anywhere.


  • Make edit work easy: Before the era of computers, designers have to manually draw the designs and revise them. But now, you can easily create a new design or simply edit the previously saved drafts. You can also make changes or undo them until you get the perfect one.
  • Fasten the production:  The best part of Autocad is that you can create a re-usable block library and replicate the designs. If you need a frame for every design, you can simply save it in your library so that you dont have to draw it again. All the saved files can be used or re-used later which saves your time and effort too.
  • Better and accurate work: When you draw something by hand, you can not zoom out or zoom in to see the figure accurately. But the Autocad provides you with different features by which you can cut down the design to fractions and do your work more accurately. 

After doing the design work, you can use a 3D printer machine to get the design in physical form. These drawing and measurements are a very important part to build a house or building. The Architect uses Autocad to create the floor plans and blueprints of the houses and the commercial buildings. The interior designers use Autocad to imagine and draw the interior of the building before working in any restaurant or living space of any home. 

Why Choose Amzanion for Best AutoCAD training institute in Gurgaon

Amzanion is one of the most popular AutoCAD training institutes in Gurgaon. They designed step-by-step guidance with an industry-standard curriculum which makes it a job-oriented training program. Along with the theory classes, they have the facility to provide practical classes so that the student will get comfortable with the AutoCAD. It does not matter whether you are a student or a working professional, you will get the recorded live lectures at the end of the day for better revision. The best part of Amzanion is that they also provide placements to the AutoCAD students just after the course. The duration of the AutoCAD training in Gurgaon is 45-60 days and 2 hours a day. To know more about AutoCAD Amzanion, just click here.  

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